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Authorized agency SUNNY HOME REAL ESTATE, based in Poreč, provides real estate brokerage services in the area of Poreč and its surroundings, as well as the western coast of Istria.

The Agency is registered in the Register of Intermediaries of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce under the registry number of intermediaries 190/2019 and we conduct our business in accordance with the Law on Real Estate Brokering. Authorized Real Estate Broker Sanja Radić Božić is registered in the Register of Agents with the Croatian Chamber of Economy under registration number 42/2017.

Real estates advertised in our agency are visible on leading Croatian advertisers as well as international advertisers, which will make your real estate visible to a large number of potential buyers.

For the purpose of providing complete service to our clients, we use the services of certified architects, surveyors, attorneys and notaries public as needed.

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